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The basic thrust of the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) services provided by Halo Realty and Investments (Halo Realty) is to create a unique and valuable relationship between Client and Halo Realty. Over 10,000 real estate brokers in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as many tens of thousands of brokers in other metropolitan areas, are happy to solicit new listings of any properties for sale or lease because they primarily seek the commissions from the lease or sale. Weeding through this flood of inventory and overcoming the often overstated benefits is a very intensive, time-consuming and inefficient process for any business person or entity.

True advocacy of Client's interests requires more than a broad smile and free lunch. Competent analysis and presentation of correct property information based on an accurate definition of Client's goals without the taint of simple commission seeking dynamically raises Client's efficiency and saves time. It is this close, clear, well-defined advocacy relationship that is being proposed; to allow Client to make a strong, confident move into any dynamic market.

Most commercial real estate brokerage companies primarily offer generic transactional brokerage services, often as listing brokers representing either landlords or sellers.

Of which their primary interest is in generating a commission for themselves, not necessarily what is in the best interest of the prospective tenant or selling / buying client.

Sample Project Assignment

Commercial Portfolio Bldg
  Commercial Portfolio  

Sale of $28.4 Million portfolio of
multiple commercial and industrial
properties in Arizona, California,
Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas
for a private investor.

Little, if any, consideration is given to the specific and defined needs of the interested client be they - landlord, seller, tenant or buyer, any business person or entity.

Sample Project Assignment

Industrial Portfolio Bldg
  Industrial Portfolio  

Purchasing, initiating and supervising
the $2 Million renovation, restoration,
and sale of a 300,000 sf industrial
warehouse distribution portfolio
in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking
occupancy from 35% to 100%
in 26 months for a corporate
joint venture partnership.

Real estate agency is often a very confusing over who represents whom in any real estate transaction. Many a business or individual has negotiated a lease with a landlord's agent or purchased a property with a seller's broker. Neither agent or broker had the slightest interest in obtaining the best rental or purchase terms for anyone other than the landlord or seller that they represented.

The underlying terms of the CRE services Halo Realty offers to a Client bring the opportunity for an aggressive relationship, unique to the industry, that results in non-commission driven advice provided solely with regards to Client's best interests.

With it's unique advocacy retainer relationship, these CRE services offered by Halo Realty transcends the norm by placing Client's long term financial objectives as the primary motivation of any real estate analysis and decisions.

   Basic Terms   

For the best results, Client should agree to exclusively retain Halo Realty, wherein Halo Realty will devote an appropriate amount of Halo Realty's effective business activity as agreed upon with Client for the purpose of providing non-exclusive consulting / advisory services to Client to sell interests in commercial and/or residential real property and/or portfolios in Las Vegas, Nevada and/or other metropolitan locations as requested. In addition, Halo Realty will perform all negotiations exclusively on behalf of Client for any new leases, renewal of leases, any new acquisitions and disposition of commercial and/or residential real property to be purchased, owned or sold by Client or any related new entities in Las Vegas, Nevada and/or other metropolitan locations as requested.


  • Commercial Real Estate Analysis
    and Research Benefit.

    As a benefit of these CRE services Halo Realty, subject to the effective business activity time limitation, will provide research analysis relating to each commercial property location of interest to Client, that could include, but not necessarily limited to:

Sample Project Assignment

Re-Financing of Portfolio
  Re-Financing of Portfolio  

Enhancing a $100 Million corporate real
estate portfolio by arranging a reduction of
$15 Million in debt through refinancing
and loan discounts for a private investor.

  • A Summary Analysis using un-biased, non-commission driven advice provided solely using Client's specified and defined long term financial objectives as the primary motivation of any real estate analysis and decisions.

Sample Project Assignment

Office Portfolio Bldg
  Portfolio Asset Management  

Initializing, implantation and supervision
of an asset management project with
a 3 1/2 year turn-around time. This
project involved a major renovation
and lease-up plan of 346,000 sf of
Class A office buildings and 52,000 sf
of Class B office buildings in San
Bernardino and Ontario, California.
The properties were improved utilizing
new marketing and management
techniques for a national corporate
investor with the future goal of
positioning the properties for sale
upon completion of the turn around.

  • Nationwide Listing Services Benefit.
    As an additional benefit of this Agreement, Halo Realty can provide research of available properties or listing services with access to millions of potential commercial properties and interested parties through Halo Realty's premier memberships via the following:

    • CCIM network with access to over 9,000 national designees and 16,000 candidates with over 200,000 commercial properties for sale or lease;

    • CoStar network with access to over 75,000 members covering in excess of 29 billion square feet of commercial properties for sale and over 5 billion square feet for lease;

    • LoopNet® network with access to over 2.2 million members covering in excess of $400 billion in commercial properties for sale and 3.4 billion square feet for lease;

    • and, Property Line network with access to over 200,000 members covering in excess of $65 billion in commercial properties for sale and 1.7 billion square feet for lease.

Whether the desired property is raw land or developed commercial facilities for industrial, office or retail, we can list the properties or portfolios either for disposition or lease, or if desired, find the available properties meeting a desired Client specification for acquisition.

  • Internet Web Page Information Benefit.
    As an additional benefit of Halo Realty's CRE services, Halo Realty can provide an exclusively designated separate or series of web pages, hosted on Halo Realty's website, designed to provide maximum visibility of each Client subject property on the Internet. Whether the property is for disposition or lease, all listing brochures and other related information can be down loaded to our website sub-pages providing real time access to all interested parties.

  • 20% Discount on Halo Realty Provided Reports Benefit.
    As an additional benefit of Halo Realty's CRE services, Clients are made aware that Halo Realty has access to several unique reports and information that can be a benefit to Client in the evaluation of any commercial real estate asset. These reports include, but are not limited to:

Sample Project Assignment

Medical Office Portfolio
  Medical Office Portfolio  

Initialization, implantation and supervision
of a property management assignment for a
$65 Million medical campus project
consisting of 360,000 sf of Class B medical
office buildings in Las Vegas, Nevada owned
by a private national corporation. Over
a two year period, 85% of the existing
leases that had expired or were expiring
were renewed taking occupancies from the
mid-70% to mid-80% range, while increasing
rents to market levels with above average
annual increases during a tumultuous period
in medical mal-practice insurance for physicians.

  • Demographic Reports
  • Aerial, Topo and Mapping Charts
  • Business Annual Rent Percentages by NAICS Industry Main Sectors and Sub-Sectors;

  • Periodic National and Regional Economic Summaries; and

  • Business Lists, Including Employee Counts, Annual Sales Volume and NAICS Codes.
    • These reports as requested can be made available to Client at a discount of 20% to
      Halo Realty's normal report fees.


  • Costs for Third Party Services or Products Obtained from Outside Sources.
    Halo Realty will not obtain or order third party services or products from outside sources unless Client has agreed to pay for them when payment is due. (Examples: surveys, soil tests, radon tests, title reports, property inspections). Halo Realty shall not be obligated to advance funds for the Client.

Sample Project Assignment

Medical Office Bldg
  Medical Office Building  

Purchasing, renovation, lease-up
and sale of $1.05 Million professional
& medical office building in Denver,
Colorado, taking occupancy from
38% to 100% in 18 months for
a corporate investor.

  • Travel and Entertainment Expenses.
    Client shall pre-approve any related travel or entertainment expenses by Halo Realty. Thereafter, all expenses of Halo Realty for said approved travel and entertainment relating to any Agreement will be paid by Client to Halo Realty upon the presentation of an expense report.

  • Disclosure of Client's Identity.
    Halo Realty has Client's permission to disclose Client's identity to third parties without prior written consent of Client, unless so requested by Client to keep Client's identity confidential.

  • Disclosure of information.
    Halo Realty agrees not to disclose information obtained in confidence from Client except as authorized in writing by Client or as required by law.

   Boring, but unfortunately required
Legal Issues   

  • Required Nevada Duties Owed Form.
    Under Nevada Department of Real Estate law, a real estate licensee is required to provide each party to a real estate transaction with a form setting forth the duties owed by the licensee. Enclosed with all Agreements will be a copy of said form as Addendum B - DUTIES OWED BY A NEVADA REAL ESTATE LICENSEE, attached thereto and made a part of any Agreement.
  • Governing Authority and Attorney's Fees.
    Any Agreement shall be governed, construed and interpreted by, through and under the Laws of the State of Nevada. In case of litigation or arbitration concerning any Agreement between the parties, the parties agree that costs and reasonable attorneys fees shall be awarded to the prevailing party.

  • Modification of any Agreement.
    No modification of any of the terms of any Agreement shall be valid, binding upon the parties, or enforceable unless in writing and signed by both parties.

  • Copy of Agreement.
    Client will be provided and acknowledge receipt of a copy of any Agreement signed by the Halo Realty.

Sample Project Assignment

Re-Finance Industrial Portfolio
  Re-Finance Industrial Portfolio  

Enhancing a South Beloit, Illinois
corporate industrial real estate
portfolio by arranging $4 Million
debt re-financing for a 198,000 sf
industrial manufacturing facility
in a geographically challenged
area for financing purposes.

  • Entire Agreement.
    Any written and agreed to Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and Halo Realty and any prior agreements, whether oral or written, will have been merged and integrated into said Agreement.

  • Counterparts.
    If more than one person or entity is named within any Agreement that may be executed by each party, individually, and when so executed, such copies taken together shall be deemed to be the full and complete Agreement between the parties.

   Compensation Options   

  • Compensation of Halo Realty.
    In consideration of the professional consulting / advisory services as provided for herein that are to be performed by Halo Realty, who will have sole and exclusive right of the determination of the number of man hours necessary to perform such services, Client will compensate Halo Realty as follows:

    • Monthly Retainer Fee. The Monthly Retainer Fee for a minimum one (1) year period payable under this Agreement will be $                      per month payable in advance.
  • Options include:

    • coppercoin gif Copper Member:
    • $                      .00 per month *

    • silvercoin gif Silver Member:
    • $                      .00 per month *

    • goldcoin gif Gold Member:
    • $                      .00 per month *

    • platinumcoin gif Platium Member:
    • $                      .00 per month *
  • Percentage of Effective Business Activity. In exchange for one of the above Monthly Retainer amounts, Halo Realty will agree to devote                      (      %) percent of Halo Realty's business activities to the production of CRE services on behalf of Client.

Sample Project Assignment

Class B Office Bldg
  Class B Office Building  

Sale of a 48,500 sf Class B office
building in San Bernardino,
California for a corporate investor.

  • Annual Pre-Payment Option.
    As an alternative, Client may elect to pre-pay the first year's monthly retainer fee and receive a                      (      %) percent discount resulting in one (1) pre-payment of $                     due and payable with the execution of the Agreement.

  • Term of Fee.
    The Monthly Retainer Fee shall be for a period of time beginning on or about                      201X through and including 31 December 201Y, which will automatically renew for another term of one year, unless terminated in writing by either party a minimum of 180 days in advance.
  • Payment Due Date.
    Unless the annual pre-payment option is selected, the first month's payment will be due and payable with the execution of this Agreement. Beginning with the 2nd month, all monthly invoices will be due and payable no later than the 1st of each month and shall be paid by Client within two (2) business days of receipt of the consulting invoice via a wire transfer to Halo Realty's bank account as provided for in each invoice.
  • Real Estate Commissions.

    • Third Party Properties. If Halo Realty negotiates the acquisition or lease of any real property on behalf of Client, Halo Realty will be free to negotiate an acceptable real estate commission payable by any third party landlord or selling owner.

    • Properties Owned by Client. If Halo Realty negotiates the disposition or lease of any real property owned by and on behalf of Client, Halo Realty will be entitled to a reduced real estate commission of one (1%) percent of the sales price or total lease value, as compared to the more normal 3 to 10% listing commission depending on the type of real property for which said reduced real estate commission is payable by Client.

  • Additional Services Fees: Loan Brokerage, Project or Tenant Improvement Management.

Sample Project Assignment

Leasing Transactions
  Multiple Lease Assignments  

Site locating and negotiating tenant
leases for industrial, office and retail
properties in Nevada, Colorado,
California and Texas. Individual tenant
spaces ranged in size from 1,000 sf to
over 100,000 sf. Negotiations included
new construction, tenant improvements,
new leases, lease renewals, early lease
terminations or extensions, and lease
expansion and contractions, short
and long lease terms.

  • Loan Brokerage. If Client requests Halo Realty to assist in arranging or securing a loan or loans for Client, Halo Realty shall be paid a fee equal to one and one-half (1.5%) percent of each loan amount. Said Loan Brokerage Fee shall be due and payable at the time of the individual loan closing.

  • Project Management or Tenant Improvement Management. If Client requests Halo Realty to assist in supervising either a Project Management or similar Tenant Improvement project for Client, Halo Realty shall be paid a fee equal to three (3%) percent of each total construction project amount. Said Project or Tenant Improvement Management Fee shall be due and payable on a pro rata basis based on the percentage of completion of each project.

  • Separate Fees. The above real estate commissions, loan brokerage fees, project or tenant improvement management fees as paid to Halo Realty will be considered to be separate and apart from the monthly retainer fee as provided for within any Agreement.

  • Advertising or Expense Fees. As desired or requested by Client, Halo Realty may be able to provide "premier" listing status to individual listings. All such advertising requests shall be pre-paid upon submitting an invoice for such services. Travel and entertainment expenses will be paid upon submitting an invoice outlining such expenses, or Client may elect to provide a pre-payment allowance if extensive traveling becomes apparent.


Clients acknowledge that it is Client's sole obligation to pay Halo Realty's Monthly Retainer Fee and any as applicable real estate commissions or additional services fees as provided for herein.

Thank you for your interest in Halo Realty, and the CRE business services we provide. For additonal information, please use the Contact Us form.
contact James T. Saint, CCIM
+1 - 702 - 838 - 4226

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